Introducing the First NFT Camera App​


Capture and secure your most valuable moments forever with AirWire’s NFT Camera. Profile pictures, nature shots, private moments, and personal identification, all have their home in AirWire’s decentralized NFT media storage.


Enhance your photo with editing tools and premium filters to create the perfect shot. Mint the photo into an NFT with a click of a button. Interoperability allows you to store the NFT with AirWire or take it onto the chain of your choosing!


Store your public photos inside your AirWire profile. Secure your personal media away from prying eyes in your private, decentralized storage. Monetize your valuable NFT photos in AirWire’s NFT Marketplace. Get paid royalty fees each time it sells for the lifetime of the NFT.

Key Features

NFT Camera

A first-to-market app that is light years ahead of current offerings.


An easy to access marketplace to buy, sell, and trade NFTs.

Easy to Use

No coding or blockchain knowledge required, just a few clicks!


The ability to move your NFT to whichever platform you choose.

Low cost

No high gas fees here, mint your NFTs for no cost!


Q2 2018
AirWire Initial Launch​
  • Desktop limited rollout
  • Social sending & receiving
Q1 2019
Additional Features
  • Earn Portal Release
Q2 2020
Alpha Sigma Capital Acquisition
  • ASC Acquires AirWire
  • ASC Initiates Token Buyback and begins re-tooling platform
Q3 2021
Initial Seed Raise + MVP Complete
  • Desktop and Mobile app functionality live
  • Patent Filed
  • Launch NFT Camera Beta
Q1 2022
AirWire Full Functionality
  • Desktop and Mobile app fully integrated.
  • Desktop optimized
  • All Shopping & NFT Marketplaces Live

Token Community

Executive Team

Katey Dolan

Dev Team COO

Steven Lubka

Lead Dev

Enzo Villani

Chairman, Airwire

Jordana Cohen

Marketing Manager

Nick Porter

Operations Manager

Randolph Barr

Advisor | Zoom, WebEx

Nick Birnbaum

Advisor | Partner, Alpha Sigma Capital

Barbara Arellano

Advisor | Google, Deloitte

Software Team

Josh G. ​

Full Stack Sr. Developer​

Nick L.​

Full Stack Sr. Developer​

Matthew V.​

Full Stack Lead Developer​

Jonathan T.​

Software Engineer

Fabricio L.​

Software Engineer​

Danny B.​

Software Engineer

Rebecca P.​

Front-end Developer​

Austin B.​

Copy / Graphic Design​

Allison P.​

DevOps Specialist​

Quinn M. ​

Project Manager​

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